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    Meet Marquita Chanel

    Hi, i'm Marquita Chanel, founder and CEO of the L'Vena Collection. I am a jewelry designer, an image consultant, and a fashion enthusiast set on conquering the aesthetic world one step at a time. I would love to take you with me! 

    My purpose in creating the L'Vena Collection is to empower 
    women— to give them confidence and make them feel absolutely beautiful. The collection is named after my late sister, LaVena Gates, who is the inspiration behind a lot of work that I do. My mantra is that it's not about dressing to impress, it's about dressing the way you want to be addressed.

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    Pearl Ring


    Blair Kimono


    Tropical Print Kimono


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    L'vena designs gave me the confidence to rock one of a kind pieces and express my self through fashion

    Heather H.
    I had a custom piece made to celebrate my love of fashion and rock a one of a kind piece made by Marquita! I love my new necklace and get so many compliments on it too!

    Cheryl S.

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