Spring Wardrobe Essentials

April 19, 2021

If the past year has taught us anything, it’s to take pleasure in the simple things. This simple approach can also be applied to this year’s spring wardrobe. Fashion experts are predicting a move away from more trendy items this season, in favor of more classic and universal pieces. These items include blazers, classic tees, gold and silver jewelry, and trendy spring bags. These classic wardrobe essentials combined with fun seasonal accessories, inspired by this season’s runway pieces, are perfect for a fun and fashion-forward spring!

Universal Classics

Everybody’s experienced the dreaded feeling of searching in your closet and seeing tons of options, yet still feeling like you have nothing to wear. This problem can be solved by investing in some versatile items that are comfortable and go with everything. These timeless items will allow you to throw together a variety of outfits in no time. You just can’t argue with trusted classics that never go out of style!


As we all know, denim is the most versatile of all fabrics! Denim goes with everything and can be easily dressed up or down. It can also be incorporated in a variety of different pieces of clothing including jeans and jackets. Check out some of L’Vena Collection’s denim blazers, such as the Pinstripe Patchwork Blazer shown below, to incorporate denim into your wardrobe in a whole new way!

Basic Tees

Basic tees provide the perfect base for any outfit. Whether they are a classic solid shade, a fun pattern, long-sleeved, or even a graphic tee; they are versatile starter pieces that are easy to throw on while running around town in style. Tees can also be dressed up for any special occasion. Try dressing up one of your favorite basic tees with one of L’Vena Collection’s statement blazers or classic pieces of jewelry.


Everybody needs to invest in a quality blazer! According to Vogue, blazers are a springtime essential this year. They also never go out of style and can be styled year-round. Blazers are a classic fashion item but can also be used as the perfect bright accessory to make your entire outfit pop! L’Vena Collection is a one stop shop for all your blazer needs. We recommend investing in a classic universal blazer, like our Rhinestone Shoulder Blazer or Tweed Feather Sleeve Blazer shown below. For a different style, try out a stand out color such as our beautiful, Mesh Rose Blazer. Trust us, your wardrobe will thank you!

Glamorous Accessories

Classic items are made even more fabulous and fashion-forward with glamorous, one of a kind, accessories. Don’t be afraid to mix it up and play with different colors and prints, especially for the spring time! According to Glowsly, vibrant and pastel colors are projected to have a big moment this spring. The Executive Director of New York Fashion Week has stated that bright shades “reinvigorate our interest in color that inspires feelings of much needed optimism.” Think bright pinks, lavenders, yellows, aquas, and possibly the most surprising color for spring—vibrant reds! Silver and gold are also must-haves this season, making a piece of statement jewelry the perfect springtime accessory!


Choose a brightly-colored purse, tote, or handbag this spring to make your classic outfit pop! Bags are easy to swap out depending on your mood and outfit, making them the perfect accessory. Brightly-colored bags can also be easily carried into the summer months, making them a smart investment piece!


Add the perfect finishing touch to your outfit with a piece of L’Vena Collection’s handcrafted jewelry! Silver and gold accents are projected to be essential this spring, so now is the ideal time to purchase your new go-to piece of jewelry. A classic choker, bright necklace, or bold ring, like the Florence Choker, Keisha Necklace, and Pearl Ring (pictured below) are springtime must-haves!

Shop Spring Staples

After a year of daily outfits consisting of sweatpants, make a statement this spring with a showstopping wardrobe! Show off your one-of-a-kind style with L’Vena Collection’s reworked vintage blazers and classic handcrafted jewelry that are perfect for special occasions and everyday looks this season! To find out how to make your style goals come true this spring or to order a custom-made blazer for a special event, call (314) 287-3021 or message us on Instagram!

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